What are the Mobility Pilots?

The Mobility Pilots are vehicle fleets intended to enable shared autonomous mobility in the future. Our program offers app-based dynamic shuttles to a closed user group. The service operates in predefined areas in Sunnyvale, Mountain View and San Jose, CA, as well as Berlin, Germany (with non-automated vehicles). The pilots will help us gain insight into effective operations of both mixed and autonomous fleets, and help us understand customer requirements. Our programs are also a testing ground for our technology stack.

What is the Mobility Pilot’s mission?

We believe that a future with autonomous vehicles will be safer and more inclusive. It is a future where cities are greener. Where everyone can live more dignified, independent lives. Where safety and security come first, no matter the cost. It is a future we are pioneering today, so the world can be better tomorrow. During our pilots, we aim to learn from users’ feedback and improve our product.

In de US, we are working closely with the city of San Jose, CA, and also want to gain insights into how automated vehicles can fit into a city’s overall transportation system and contribute to a better quality of life for residents.

Who operates the Mobility Pilots?

In Germany, the Mobility Pilot is operated by Daimler Mobility Services GmbH, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Daimler Mobility AG., and uses the technology stack of Daimler Mobility Services. In the US, pilot is operated by Mercedes-Benz Research & Development North America, Inc (MBRDNA) using a technology platform provided by Daimler Mobility Services. The technology stack installed on the automated vehicles is developed by Bosch and Daimler.

Where and when are the Mobility Pilots available?

In Berlin, Germany, the pilot is live since June 2019 with non-automated vehicles, operating in Berlin Mitte and through to Tegel & Schönefeld airports. The service is available Monday-Friday from 8AM-11AM and from 4PM-7PM.

The operating area of the US program is currently based in San Jose, Mountain View and Sunnyvale, CA as well as the connection to San José Airport. The program will operate Monday–Friday, from 8AM-4PM PST.

How much is the service?

The service is currently offered free of charge.

Who can use the service?

Initially, we will offer the service to closed groups through an invitation-only early rider program.

What kind of vehicles will be used for the Mobility Pilots?

In the US, the program will use Mercedes-Benz S-Class sedans and Mercedes- Benz GLE SUVs for the service.

In Berlin we currently have manual driven Vans (V-Classes) hitting the streets.

What are the cameras on the vehicles being used for (only Berlin, Germany)?

For the developments in the field of driver assistance and comfort systems, especially with regard to automated driving, it is necessary to use video-based sensors in combination with other sensors for environmental and driving situation detection. In order to develop and secure such highly complex technologies and systems, extensive testing of such functions in real operation is necessary. To achieve this goal, we are collecting video data from real traffic on public roads using test vehicles.

How can I get into contact?

You reach us by emailing autonomous-services@daimler.com.